Thursday, April 14, 2011

A fatal deception

Holding her forlorn hope high
and keeping it flickering
against the storms of your falsity,
she waits hoping that one day you would turn up.
But, you never did, you never will!
Her distress dashes against the walls of her heart,
forcing the saline water out of her eyes.
She cries in the dark,
wears a plastic smile in the light.
She isn't the one who she used to be.
She is Melancholy...pure melancholy.
She believes fate would make you
cross her ways again.
Alas! She is too gullible to believe her devious destiny,
that envies her happiness.
Her heart beats your name,
your deceptive love flows in her veins,
like a tumor , a fatal tumor.
She dies everyday and your false hope resurrects her everyday.
She was , she is and she will always be there with her arms wide open,
yearning to embrace you in her circle of embrace forever.

The Green Boulevard

We walked along the green boulevard,

savoring each other's presence.

Life looked so serene, so tranquil,

everything around was ethereal.

You looked into my eyes

and I sheepishly looked elesewhere.

I felt too frail to bear that affectionate look of yours.

You said no word, yet I heard everything.

You gently whispered my name

and the ambience reverberated with it.

I felt a state of delirious joy,

a moment that encapsulated Eternity.

You kissed my forehead and a chill ran down my spine.

I shuddered but you pulled me close to yourself.

My fears subdued and I ensconced in your arms.

Your love flowed profusely around

and Nature seemed to serenade me with its melodies.


The boulevard is still green and so are my pains.

My hands are dull, wrinkled and void.

My vision is blurred due to the film of tears

captivated in my eyes.

Everything looks so benumbing.

I hear the stentorian cries of my heart.

I feel agony, anguish and nothing more.

Ambushed grief assaults me,

I cry yet no one comes to my salvage.

Nature no more serenades me,

it mourns and all I can hear is a heart wrenching dirge.