Thursday, April 14, 2011

A fatal deception

Holding her forlorn hope high
and keeping it flickering
against the storms of your falsity,
she waits hoping that one day you would turn up.
But, you never did, you never will!
Her distress dashes against the walls of her heart,
forcing the saline water out of her eyes.
She cries in the dark,
wears a plastic smile in the light.
She isn't the one who she used to be.
She is Melancholy...pure melancholy.
She believes fate would make you
cross her ways again.
Alas! She is too gullible to believe her devious destiny,
that envies her happiness.
Her heart beats your name,
your deceptive love flows in her veins,
like a tumor , a fatal tumor.
She dies everyday and your false hope resurrects her everyday.
She was , she is and she will always be there with her arms wide open,
yearning to embrace you in her circle of embrace forever.

The Green Boulevard

We walked along the green boulevard,

savoring each other's presence.

Life looked so serene, so tranquil,

everything around was ethereal.

You looked into my eyes

and I sheepishly looked elesewhere.

I felt too frail to bear that affectionate look of yours.

You said no word, yet I heard everything.

You gently whispered my name

and the ambience reverberated with it.

I felt a state of delirious joy,

a moment that encapsulated Eternity.

You kissed my forehead and a chill ran down my spine.

I shuddered but you pulled me close to yourself.

My fears subdued and I ensconced in your arms.

Your love flowed profusely around

and Nature seemed to serenade me with its melodies.


The boulevard is still green and so are my pains.

My hands are dull, wrinkled and void.

My vision is blurred due to the film of tears

captivated in my eyes.

Everything looks so benumbing.

I hear the stentorian cries of my heart.

I feel agony, anguish and nothing more.

Ambushed grief assaults me,

I cry yet no one comes to my salvage.

Nature no more serenades me,

it mourns and all I can hear is a heart wrenching dirge.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Going against Gender Stereotypes

Note:- This is again one of the tag posts that I am doing. I loved the theme, so decided to scribble something.

I am so unlike the dime a dozen damsels.
--> There was a time (I guess , I was 16 -17 then) when everyone in my family used to say :-
"She is a guy embodied in a female anatomy." :D

--> I learnt to ride my Papa's "tardy" scooter at the tender (yet impish) age of 12 :-P . I scraped my knees., encountered a few "not so serious" accidents , but finally learnt to ride it . I used to flaunt this feat of mine in front of the bully guys of my colony & often invited them to ride a pillion on my bike :-P
As a result of this, 5-6 boys had even girded up their loins to hone their "biking skills" . :-D

--> I am not so concerned about my looks. My hair usually stays in a disheveled condition & I detest undoing the tangles. Cosmetics, nail-polishes ....eew....they are a big NO-NO for me! I love my tanned complexion . :-P
I am not a shopaholic . My fashion statement :- A decent dress (a salwar-kameez preferably , I hate flashy colors ) , a wrist-watch(I have a fetish for wrist watches) & a good hair-do. Thats it!
I hate those big chunks of jewelry , especially those tacky ear-loops (I call them "jhumkas"):D

--> I've never fancied for all the good-looking heros that the girls usually go bananas over . I hate overtly good-looking, dumb-head guys. My definition of "handsome" is different. (Lets not get into that)

--> I am brash , my demeanor is not that feminine. I walk brusquely. I lack a gentle gait .

--> I laugh my heart out. That full on devilish "HAHAHAHAHA" :-D

--> I've a pretty good sense of humor (If it's wrong, then pelt stones at my friends) :-D
(Girls are infamous for having a poor sense of humor. How many girls do you know who actually have a good sense of humor , huh? )

--> As a matter of fact, I have never read "Mills & Boon" (touted as the "Baap of romance":-P) etcetera (although, I am fairly romantic:-P)

--> I get audacious , at times. I had even slapped a guy at school . I have had bad (real bad) arguments with my classmates & I believe in taking a stance .

--> I am upfront, short-tempered & I don't keep my feelings in confinement.

That's it! Apart from these, I've all the girlish traits as in :-
1. I love chick flicks .
2. I am a die-hard romantic & an INSANE lover.
3.I love to cook food & I like smelling good (I have a fetish for perfumes too)
4. I don't crack X-rated jokes .
5.I am a crybaby .
6. & I am a bit shy too. :)

P.S. :- I won't tag anyone . Whoever, wills to write a post, can do it with elan.
See ya in my next! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My heart will go on....

I set my "racing heart" free & all that you'll read,has been penned down by an unrestrained heart.
I have let "your love" devour me & you know, it's one of the nicest,one of the truest, one of the divinest feelings, I have ever experienced. You have rekindled a spark of perpetual happiness in me. I find you walking right next to me. I feel your presence everywhere . You are in my prayers , in everything that you can think of! :)
I smile sheepishly all day long because your silly words keep buzzing in my ears. You know, I love doodling your name on the last page of my diary.
You have resuscitated me, my dear! Doesn't that sum it all up? Writing is such an otiose job!Let me put it aside & permit me to be short & succinct.
"I am incomplete without you."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pulp-'o'-Pa(u)l----> The Nostradamus of 2010 ????

So, what's the latest fever the world is gripped in?
Well,that's passe . Its an 8-armed psychic Octopus Pulp-o-Paul or Pulpo-Paal (our very own Desi version) that has the world under it's tentacles!
A zero legged , spinal cord lacking animal that apparently looks way smarter than us bipeds.An invertebrate that not even in it's wildest fantasies would have thought that it would create such a stir among zoologists,scientists,paranormal researchers & what not, from every nook & corner in the world!
A new baffling hypothesis trying to answer Paul's so called "CLAIRVOYANCE" is proposed each day & there is a large section of the world that does believe in it's "chamatkari" powers! Some Indians have even venerated it as "PAAL BABA"

Phew! Hullabaloo of an enormous degree all around!
Jai ho Paal baba ki!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

7 things you don't know about me

Finally, you get a chance to delve deeper into this "CONUNDRUM" called Prerna! :):)

1. "A BLABBER"- I am not a glib speaker but a rambler who is too explicit. "I love calling a spade,a spade."
However, I prefer being reticent or diplomatic (at the most) when I am asked to comment on some sensitive issues. :)

2. "RESTLESS & FIDGETY" :- "Dear God, give me PATIENCE & give it to me right NOW!"
Hope, the one-liner sums it all up!:P

3. "WAY TOO MUCH OF A PERFECTIONIST" :- I am too particular about the things I am involved in. I keep ironing my clothes until all the wrinkles (even the minutest ones) disappear . "A CLEANING FREAK" I am. At times, my mom even feels that I have "OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER" :D
I start whining if I see things not happening the way I want them to happen.
I am too particular about my "punctuation marks" , "Grammar" etc. A minor grammatical error is enough to agitate me!:P

4. "TOO LOYAL A FRIEND" :- Utter some non-sense about my friends & you shall breathe your last!:D
STATUTORY WARNING:- "Don't ever try this when I am around."

5. " A KAJOL ZEALOT " :- I am a walking Kajol encyclopedia. "BEKHUDI" to "My name is Khan" , I have slurped it all! :D "MAVERICK FAN" !

6. "EFFERVESCENT & A HEDONIST" :- "Dull" ,"Mundane","Lugubrious" etc are the words that seldom appear in my dictionary.
I love my ever-green smiley :):). Come what may, but my smile never ceases!
I have no qualms in accepting the fact that I am a pathetic humorist & an even worse satirist. As I have said earlier,I love being straight forward. Sarcasm isn't my cup of tea & I hate it!

7. "AN UNBEATABLE DAY DREAMER, A 24*7 SINGER & AN AVID ANIMAL LOVER" :- I have a long wishlist that gets renewed almost everyday.
I want to learn Salsa someday, want to be a painter (preferably after the age of 40). I wish to adopt a baby girl when I am 25 (irrespective of my marital status).
I wish to live independently throughout my life with my head held high up in the air.

This is ME & I LOVE BEING ME! :):)

P.S. :- I had been tagged by Aditya to write this post. I thank him for passing the baton to me. "7 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME!" is an attempt to know each other this way. I shall now pass the baton to :-

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Physiognomy. Part-1 "THE EYES"

I have had immense interest in the Paranormal. Physiognomy or the science of reading faces is one of it's integral parts.
Here, I have decided to start a series titled under "PHYSIOGNOMY",wherein I would talk about a specific facial feature , it's varied shapes,sizes etc & what it symbolizes.
So, I set the ball rolling with the most "catchy" feature of the face..... "THE EYES!"
"EYES NEVER LIE" goes the old aphorism. True that! Your eyes reflect your character in it's true sense.
Eye & it's color.

1. Deep black eyes:- Such eyes are often said to be "SMOLDERING".The traits that I commonly associate with deep black eyed people are :-

A.He/she should be a Passionate Lover :- (Whatsoever,be the love interest--->family,career,spouse,partner,offspring et al) . He/she is expected to do everything passionately,they can give their eye & tooth to achieve what they will.
B. Angry & restless :- They can be ferocious , brutal if in case they ever face a betrayal. They believe in vengeance.

2.Hazel eyes :-
A. Warm,easy going & affable.
B. may be simpletons, too much gullible & guileless.
C. have less consistency.

3. Brown eyes :-
A. "Fidelity" is their biggest trait .
B. can be great friends & good life-partners.
C. are Prudent!

4. Green eyes :-
A. are Cunning
B. are quite innovative.
C. trustworthy but to a little extent.

5. Grey eyes :-
A. Intelligent & sagacious .
B. can't be ardent lovers
C. high on their coolness quotient! :D

Always remember, dark colors of the eyes signify PASSION,STRENGTH & ALACRITY OF THE MIND, ENVIOUSNESS !
While light colors usually symbolize :- A PASSION SUBDUED, AFFABILITY & LESS CONSISTENCY .

P.S.:- All these are my generalizations based on my past experiences & observations. I have been a keen observer ever since I developed interest in the paranormal (I might have been 14-15 then) .I do not intend to thrust these deductions of mine on my readers. Exceptions are quite possible , these are mere generalizations.

P.S.S :- People who have no interest in the subject & believe Parapsychology contradicts the theories of Science are earnestly requested to refrain themselves from commenting . :):) This is MY belief & my conviction towards the subject has led me start this series! :):) Hope you understand.