Saturday, July 17, 2010

My heart will go on....

I set my "racing heart" free & all that you'll read,has been penned down by an unrestrained heart.
I have let "your love" devour me & you know, it's one of the nicest,one of the truest, one of the divinest feelings, I have ever experienced. You have rekindled a spark of perpetual happiness in me. I find you walking right next to me. I feel your presence everywhere . You are in my prayers , in everything that you can think of! :)
I smile sheepishly all day long because your silly words keep buzzing in my ears. You know, I love doodling your name on the last page of my diary.
You have resuscitated me, my dear! Doesn't that sum it all up? Writing is such an otiose job!Let me put it aside & permit me to be short & succinct.
"I am incomplete without you."


  1. You are really very good at keeping things short yet beautiful.. Good one again :)

  2. So So So Lovely
    its the first time i have used the word lovely
    But i couldn't think of any other word
    reading this post made me happy