Sunday, July 18, 2010

Going against Gender Stereotypes

Note:- This is again one of the tag posts that I am doing. I loved the theme, so decided to scribble something.

I am so unlike the dime a dozen damsels.
--> There was a time (I guess , I was 16 -17 then) when everyone in my family used to say :-
"She is a guy embodied in a female anatomy." :D

--> I learnt to ride my Papa's "tardy" scooter at the tender (yet impish) age of 12 :-P . I scraped my knees., encountered a few "not so serious" accidents , but finally learnt to ride it . I used to flaunt this feat of mine in front of the bully guys of my colony & often invited them to ride a pillion on my bike :-P
As a result of this, 5-6 boys had even girded up their loins to hone their "biking skills" . :-D

--> I am not so concerned about my looks. My hair usually stays in a disheveled condition & I detest undoing the tangles. Cosmetics, nail-polishes ....eew....they are a big NO-NO for me! I love my tanned complexion . :-P
I am not a shopaholic . My fashion statement :- A decent dress (a salwar-kameez preferably , I hate flashy colors ) , a wrist-watch(I have a fetish for wrist watches) & a good hair-do. Thats it!
I hate those big chunks of jewelry , especially those tacky ear-loops (I call them "jhumkas"):D

--> I've never fancied for all the good-looking heros that the girls usually go bananas over . I hate overtly good-looking, dumb-head guys. My definition of "handsome" is different. (Lets not get into that)

--> I am brash , my demeanor is not that feminine. I walk brusquely. I lack a gentle gait .

--> I laugh my heart out. That full on devilish "HAHAHAHAHA" :-D

--> I've a pretty good sense of humor (If it's wrong, then pelt stones at my friends) :-D
(Girls are infamous for having a poor sense of humor. How many girls do you know who actually have a good sense of humor , huh? )

--> As a matter of fact, I have never read "Mills & Boon" (touted as the "Baap of romance":-P) etcetera (although, I am fairly romantic:-P)

--> I get audacious , at times. I had even slapped a guy at school . I have had bad (real bad) arguments with my classmates & I believe in taking a stance .

--> I am upfront, short-tempered & I don't keep my feelings in confinement.

That's it! Apart from these, I've all the girlish traits as in :-
1. I love chick flicks .
2. I am a die-hard romantic & an INSANE lover.
3.I love to cook food & I like smelling good (I have a fetish for perfumes too)
4. I don't crack X-rated jokes .
5.I am a crybaby .
6. & I am a bit shy too. :)

P.S. :- I won't tag anyone . Whoever, wills to write a post, can do it with elan.
See ya in my next! :)


  1. A very good one...yes , of a 'damsel',who leaves behind her 'shells of inhibitions' to speak up for the rest of girls ,quite unlike her, in breaking the shackles of inhibitions...

    Very good attempt.Appreciate it. @infoamit

  2. Insane Lover.. make it Inzane lover.. :D

    Didn't know you were a cry-baby.. :P

  3. :D
    Yeah, I am bad (a real bad) crybaby :P

  4. ohh i loved this post
    its like defining a character for a books or movies
    you have defined your character really well :P

    and i think all the gals i crybaby at least as many i know.
    and you are not boyish
    you are not girly
    you are unique \m/

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    check it out and tell me how it is...

  6. I have observed that all people who are cry baby also laugh their heart out :)
    Good to know more about you :)
    Good post :)

  7. @Akash :- I have read your blog. That was really impressive!
    Good job! :)

  8. Visualized your profile well :) :)