Friday, June 25, 2010

7 things you don't know about me

Finally, you get a chance to delve deeper into this "CONUNDRUM" called Prerna! :):)

1. "A BLABBER"- I am not a glib speaker but a rambler who is too explicit. "I love calling a spade,a spade."
However, I prefer being reticent or diplomatic (at the most) when I am asked to comment on some sensitive issues. :)

2. "RESTLESS & FIDGETY" :- "Dear God, give me PATIENCE & give it to me right NOW!"
Hope, the one-liner sums it all up!:P

3. "WAY TOO MUCH OF A PERFECTIONIST" :- I am too particular about the things I am involved in. I keep ironing my clothes until all the wrinkles (even the minutest ones) disappear . "A CLEANING FREAK" I am. At times, my mom even feels that I have "OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER" :D
I start whining if I see things not happening the way I want them to happen.
I am too particular about my "punctuation marks" , "Grammar" etc. A minor grammatical error is enough to agitate me!:P

4. "TOO LOYAL A FRIEND" :- Utter some non-sense about my friends & you shall breathe your last!:D
STATUTORY WARNING:- "Don't ever try this when I am around."

5. " A KAJOL ZEALOT " :- I am a walking Kajol encyclopedia. "BEKHUDI" to "My name is Khan" , I have slurped it all! :D "MAVERICK FAN" !

6. "EFFERVESCENT & A HEDONIST" :- "Dull" ,"Mundane","Lugubrious" etc are the words that seldom appear in my dictionary.
I love my ever-green smiley :):). Come what may, but my smile never ceases!
I have no qualms in accepting the fact that I am a pathetic humorist & an even worse satirist. As I have said earlier,I love being straight forward. Sarcasm isn't my cup of tea & I hate it!

7. "AN UNBEATABLE DAY DREAMER, A 24*7 SINGER & AN AVID ANIMAL LOVER" :- I have a long wishlist that gets renewed almost everyday.
I want to learn Salsa someday, want to be a painter (preferably after the age of 40). I wish to adopt a baby girl when I am 25 (irrespective of my marital status).
I wish to live independently throughout my life with my head held high up in the air.

This is ME & I LOVE BEING ME! :):)

P.S. :- I had been tagged by Aditya to write this post. I thank him for passing the baton to me. "7 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME!" is an attempt to know each other this way. I shall now pass the baton to :-


  1. Nice to know about you.
    You hate sarcasm! Its good to use in it a humorous way.
    I din't even know that Kajol's first movie was Bekhudi!
    Perfectionist?? You must be a fan of aamir :):)

  2. :)
    No,on the contrary, I dislike Aamir! :P

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  4. To be honest, I knew the first four points.. Rest three are the ones I wasn't much aware of.. :)

    Thanks for passing the baton to me.. But I will be taking some time for this.. :)

  5. :D thanks Bhaiya,take your time, but do write the post! :)

  6. I came in a bit late
    and i regret it
    this is such a cool post
    and such a cool concept

    Well i dont see any reason to pass my verdict on this post (well in fact i don't have any right to do so on any post) as this is something completely personal
    but dont hate satire its a request its one of the art every diplomat thrives for.

    And lastly
    I am Honored that you passed the baton to me
    i will try to be as honest as i possibly could * I have to preserve my image* >:) :P

    and yeah i dont like Amir either :P
    but i like his movies :)
    SRK-KAJOL forever \m/

  7. :) , waiting for your seven pointers! :)

  8. Lovely post..u say that u r diplomatic on sensitive issues. I say that I am always diplomatic on issues that are un-diplomatic by nature.. whatever that meant :-D

  9. I am impressed by the 6th. "EFFERVESCENT & A HEDONIST"
    that's the way to live the life. Actually it should top the list.