Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Physiognomy. Part-1 "THE EYES"

I have had immense interest in the Paranormal. Physiognomy or the science of reading faces is one of it's integral parts.
Here, I have decided to start a series titled under "PHYSIOGNOMY",wherein I would talk about a specific facial feature , it's varied shapes,sizes etc & what it symbolizes.
So, I set the ball rolling with the most "catchy" feature of the face..... "THE EYES!"
"EYES NEVER LIE" goes the old aphorism. True that! Your eyes reflect your character in it's true sense.
Eye & it's color.

1. Deep black eyes:- Such eyes are often said to be "SMOLDERING".The traits that I commonly associate with deep black eyed people are :-

A.He/she should be a Passionate Lover :- (Whatsoever,be the love interest--->family,career,spouse,partner,offspring et al) . He/she is expected to do everything passionately,they can give their eye & tooth to achieve what they will.
B. Angry & restless :- They can be ferocious , brutal if in case they ever face a betrayal. They believe in vengeance.

2.Hazel eyes :-
A. Warm,easy going & affable.
B. may be simpletons, too much gullible & guileless.
C. have less consistency.

3. Brown eyes :-
A. "Fidelity" is their biggest trait .
B. can be great friends & good life-partners.
C. are Prudent!

4. Green eyes :-
A. are Cunning
B. are quite innovative.
C. trustworthy but to a little extent.

5. Grey eyes :-
A. Intelligent & sagacious .
B. can't be ardent lovers
C. high on their coolness quotient! :D

Always remember, dark colors of the eyes signify PASSION,STRENGTH & ALACRITY OF THE MIND, ENVIOUSNESS !
While light colors usually symbolize :- A PASSION SUBDUED, AFFABILITY & LESS CONSISTENCY .

P.S.:- All these are my generalizations based on my past experiences & observations. I have been a keen observer ever since I developed interest in the paranormal (I might have been 14-15 then) .I do not intend to thrust these deductions of mine on my readers. Exceptions are quite possible , these are mere generalizations.

P.S.S :- People who have no interest in the subject & believe Parapsychology contradicts the theories of Science are earnestly requested to refrain themselves from commenting . :):) This is MY belief & my conviction towards the subject has led me start this series! :):) Hope you understand.


  1. wow so informative :))) thanx thanx thanx :)))

  2. I want telekinesis like Sylar had.

  3. Thanks Aagan! :):)
    May your wish be granted! :):)

  4. Nice Now that u have started finish u should, good luck.

  5. extremely interesting post :)
    i have got black eyes
    but my personality is a mix of black and grey
    as i dont get angry
    and i match all the qualities of grey ones :P

  6. Good post.. I don't know exact color of my eyes though.. It is black, but certainly not deep black.. So I guess I don't come under the purview of this observation :)

  7. Alright! :):)
    Thanks Bhaiya! :):)

  8. hey i liked it very much.. i feel at least it was very correct abt my eye colour :P

  9. "Aristotle states that, among the various eye-colors found in animals, greenish is ‘a sign of the best character and is strongest with regard to sharpness of vision’ (HA I 10, 492a3-4: ἐνίοις δὲ αἰγωπόν· τοῦτο ἤθους βελτίστου σημεῖον καὶ πρὸς ὀξύτητα ὄψεως κράτιστον)." more at:

  10. I'd go with Aristole's views rather than yours :)