Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vanity Bag (Part-2)

The next morning when Sana woke up, she brusquely grasped her phone & made Siddhartha a call.
Before she could utter anything, Siddhartha started "I am coming to your place in an hour.I gotta talk to you!"
Siddhartha entered her apartment. Sana was still simmering with rage & asked him "So,how was your last night?"
He frowned & bluntly replied "How does it matter to you?"
Sana shot "Didn't you enjoy sleeping with your bit** wife?"
He scowled & slapped Sana. She looked at him with her fiery,red eyes,smothered with tears & she yapped "How dare you?! I shall drag you to the court,you lying -two timing son of a bit**!"
Siddhartha gave a wry smile & continued "Do whatever you want to.I just have to say STOP! Building castles in the air.I've dated many wannabes like you but I am committed to my family! Don't you dare forget the fact that YOU are just a MISTRESS of mine. Do you know what a mistress means? The society will look down upon you, it will spit on you! You won't do anybody any wrong by dragging me to the court but YOURSELF!" saying these ,he slammed the door of her apartment & went away.
Thwarted Sana, on hearing the word "MISTRESS" felt as if she has been torn asunder. Her big lavish apartment started appearing like a dungeon to her. She felt claustrophobic. She darted towards her bedroom,bolted herself in & ripped off her radial artery with a honed razor.Thick red blood gushed out of that deep excoriation & made little pools on the ground. She moaned & felt a sense of relief.Her sight was weakening & she lost her balance. All her energy had drained out & with all her might she gazed at a photo-frame bearing Siddhartha's picture. She could no longer hold her eyelids at an open position & lay on her bed like an inanimate object.

The next day, the headlines read" Sana Sayeed commits suicide under strange circumstances."
A small article somewhere in the corner read "Vanity has an awful end!"


  1. just like this :(
    awwh i thought this was going to continue for sometime.
    overall a nice post could very well visualize kangna ranaut doing all this.

  2. :D,,,,when I wrote the whole thing,I found it very similar to Fashion & Parveen Babi's case....
    Anyways,had tried to experiment! :):)

  3. Good twist.. Best thing is the way you ended it.. And a completely new approach.. Good job! :)