Friday, June 4, 2010

A Contemplation


I couldn't agree with him more on this. A cynic is an automaton- a "living calculating machine".
There is a very fine line that demarcates "PRICE" and "Value". Their literal meaning is more or less the same but they are perceived differently.
"Price":- On hearing this, the first word that strikes me is "Materialism" . A material is always estimated by it's Price.
"Value" on the other hand, has an "emotional" touch to it .
As far as I am concerned, I place "Emotion" on a much higher pedestal (in fact the highest) than anything "Materialistic".

A Cynic often turns apathetic to emotions for he tries to find out a reason behind everything. Here, I must clarify that I am NOT against "Reasoning & Radical thinking". To be able to reason with a logic is one of those unique attributes that sets an individual a class apart.
A Cynic finds "faults" in everything. "FAULT-FINDING" should never be misinterpreted as a "Good analysis" . While the latter, encompasses both the positives & the negatives & it clearly mentions a scope for improvement, the former is only about the negatives & it deters the spirit to improve.

A Cynic has a ruffled state of mind. He doesn't understand the "JOY" in loving something,the joy in sharing,the joy in letting one self feel free . He just remains fettered to his ramshackle thoughts & never wants to come out of his shell. He is reluctant to "Newness".

I've a simple message for all the cynics in the world :- "Set your minds free & you'll see how beautiful the world is! It's not as bad as you think. "THINKING" matters..... I dwell in the same world & I find it different , far different from your perceptions."


  1. Great Post loved it
    in fact i love things with a tinge of philosophy involved

    but yeah
    "Value" on the other hand, has an "emotional" touch to it .
    As far as I am concerned, I place "Emotion" on a much higher pedestal (in fact the highest) than anything "Materialistic".
    don't ya think this is a bit paradoxical as emotions are generally attached with things materialistic in nature ?
    cause being materialistic not just money its about being in affinity with worldly pleasure be it fame, love , care anything
    and spirituality is a sync with world a free flowing existence independent of anything material
    independent of emotions o:-)

  2. Yeah, I had thought that way that we get emotional for things that are materialistic. And, I even tried to include this concept in the post above. But, you know it was appearing verbose. So, I skipped that part. Actually, "value" has a "spiritual" association with it. You are right in pointing that out. Everything materialistic includes everything with which we feel "emotionally" connected to.But the other way round is not correct always. We may be "emotional" in a spiritual way as well..... That was the point that I wanted to write but due to my superficial knowledge of "philosophy",couldn't write it the way I wanted to! :):) Thanks! :):)

  3. You are a really cool writer i enjoy reading your takes well as a writing enthusiast i have learned one thing the different kind of people you read the better and matured your writing gets
    and reading blogs of people with unique and different mindset is a quick fire way to learn ;)

  4. Hey this one was quite different!! Really wonderful!! :)

  5. In this article you want to establish a fact that being too logical is not bad but it may lead to some dissatisfaction in life, can prevent us to taste something different to make the life happier because in this case our mind always seek reasons behind every thing and thus we can not try anything new for which we can not develop a suitable reason.

    Exactly that is why a cynic person is always concerned about prices of things.
    And for value, the concept is tinged with emotion and spirituality which can not be explained with logical reasoning always and thus a cynic can not understand the value of anything. For example: a particular toy may be a useless stuff and a little but costly but it can bring a cute smile on a child’s face. Here a cynic will consider the cost of the doll but not the aesthetic feeling of seeing the happiness of his child which could bring happiness in his mind too because his inability to map between value and price of the doll.

    The same thing you want to establish by terming them fault finder but in broad view what you wrote is providing support to the main statement but they seem to be little bit contradictory because at some point you are taking different way to drive the process of thinking.

    Anyway, its a nice piece of writing. Keep going.

  6. Thanks Arunava, for connecting so well with my post! :):)