Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to combat "STRESS"? 10 effective ways!

1."Never strive to attain the unattainable."
- The practice endows nothing but "STRESS" which further bogs down your efficiency!

2."Never say YES to alcohol."
-"Alcohol is one of the most effective stress busters."
Alcohol serves no purpose.It aggravates your "stress" nonetheless. "HEALTH HAZARDS" are other freebies that alcohol often brings with it!

3."Unnecessary competition.........EVADE,EVADE,EVADE!"
-This is one of the precursors of stress. The temperament "Oh Gosh, he/she has it, I too need to have it" shall lead you nowhere.

4."Try appreciating others as much as you can."
- A heart-felt appreciation is a genuine thing. I am NOT encouraging sycophancy. Flattery ----> a BIG NO-NO! Be genuinely appreciative.If you feel someone has done a commendable job,then go forth & pat his back :)

5. "Nothing kills stress better than a cat purring on your lap or a dog wagging it's tail & licking your face"
- If you aren't zoophobic,then try snuggling a kitten or a pup.........Cuts stress effectively!

6."Try confiding in someone."
-Share your angst with someone who you rely on.It might be a piece of paper too. Scribble your exasperation & tear it asunder , it will surely help you feel good since it's a cathartic practice.
If you have a confidante in your life, then nothing can be better than that.

7."Music or a book or a movie of your choice"
-It would just be hackneyed if I start listing down the positive effects of Music. Avoid listening to a cacophonous number. A soft rhapsody with meaningful lyrics should be preferred.

8."Never pay heed to criticisms meant to intimidate you."
-People who criticize in order to dampen your spirit are BIG TIME LOSERS themselves. Michael Flatley had once rightly said :- " Whenever I hear, "It can't be done," I know I'm close to success."

9."Try meditating."
- Simple breath regulating exercises like Pranayam serve the purpose. Here,I would suggest you all a simple exercise that will take 2-3 minutes.
1. Sit on the ground or on a chair & keep your spine straight.
2. Breathe in & fill your lungs with air, so that your chest expands & your stomach contracts.
3. Hold your breath for a second or two.
4. Now exhale & utter "AUM". Be soft & audible. "Aaaauuuuuuummmmmm" . The exhaled air carries out with it all your anxieties, your worries & your qualms.

10. " Sleep/ gorge on your favorite dessert."

Finally,I would say "Life is bland without worries." Had life been plain & smooth, the spirit to live it would have died. "A status-quo life is the least desirable one" in fact, it's worthless!

"Stress" is just a transient thing,face it with a smiling face,never let it overpower you & that's the MANTRA of eternal happiness.


  1. Nice post.
    Sometimes excessive pressure of study results into stress. I will try the meditation technique which you have suggested here.
    Thanks for the information. Keep writing. Following you.

  2. i liked the 10th point
    on this topic our thinking differs quite a bit :P
    but overall a nice post

  3. Many would like the 10th point! :D
    Thanks! :):)

  4. I believe point no. 8 is the most important.

    For me, music is the best stress reliever. Watching Naruto and Bleach comes a close second.. :)

  5. Good post! Meditation really helps.
    One more point which i would say is have a hearty laugh and keep smiling always.
    About smile: "You have to fake it before you make it"

  6. Well said! :):)
    Thanks Aphron for stopping by! :):)

  7. Points taken except for the 5th one which certainly looks scary to me.. :)

  8. :D,yes that point isn't meant for zoophobics! :)